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Alexander Kaplunovsky

Office: HIT, Room 305/8
Home: 125 Dan St., Maale Shomron, 44852, Israel
Tel.: (972)-9792-0475; (972)-507-739323



Syllabus and Scheduling (in Hebrew)


The Schedule

Lectures: Monday 10:00 - 11:00Room 101/3
 Thursday 12:00 - 14:00Room 109/8
In-Class Exercises: (SPSS)  Monday 11:00 - 12:00Room 101/3
Consultations:Monday 16:00 - 18:00Room 305/8


Lecture Notes with In-Classes Exercises, Homeworks and Solutions

Final Exam, Moed B 18.07.10



Introduction. Variables and Graphs.
Frequency Distributions
Homework 01 Solutions
Measures of Central Tendency and Dispersion Homework 02 Solutions
Elementary Probability Theory Homework 03 Solutions
Special Discrete and Continuous Distributions Homework 04 Solutions
Central Limit Theorem Homework 05 Solutions
Statistical Estimation Theory Homework 06 Solutions
Statistical Decision Theory Homework 07 Solutions
Methods for the Comparison of Two Populations Homework 08 Solutions
c2 Test for Frequency Distributions Homework 09 Solutions
Analysis of variances (ANOVA) Homework 10 Solutions
Correlation Theory Homework 11 Solutions
Nonparametric Tests Homework 12 Solutions

ניתוח של נתונים ע"י שימוש של חבילות סטטיסטיות SPSS. איסוף ותיקון הנתונים.

םיצלמומ םירפס:
"תורבתסה .הקיטסיטטסו תורבתסהל אובמ" :ביבר הנולא ,ןתיול המלת
"תיטסיטטס הקסה .הקיטסיטטסו תורבתסהל אובמ" :ןתיול המלת ,ביבר הנולא
W.W. Daniel "Biostatistics", Willey (2005)
M.R. Spiegel "Statistics", Schaum's Outline Series in Mathematics, McGrow Hill Book


Final exam A 18.Jul.2006

Final exam B 22.Aug.2006

Final exam A 02.Jul.2007

Final exam B 01.Aug.2007

Final exam A 13.Jun.2010

Final exam B 18.Jul.2010