HAIT Journal of Science and Engineering
Volume 1, Issue 2, pp. 297-305
© 2004 Holon Academic Institute of Technology


Various charged complexes at the surface of liquid helium

Alexander M. Dyugaev1, Pavel D. Grigoriev1,*, Elena V. Lebedeva2, and Peter Wyder3

1L.D. Landau Institute for Theoretical Physics,
Chernogolovka, Moscow region 142432, Russia
2Institute of Solid State Physics RAS,
Chernogolovka, Moscow region 142432, Russia
3Grenoble High Magnetic Field Laboratory,
MPI-FKF and CNRS, Grenoble, France
*Corresponding author: pashag@itp.ac.ru
Received 19 October 2003, accepted 10 April 2004


We propose and study the properties of several new systems at the surface of liquid He. Negative ions of a large radius absorbed on the surface behave like a system of heavy electrons. The charged complexes of a bound electron on the surface and a neutral cluster below the surface give a chance of a direct measuring the Wigner crystal of electrons. Surface states of He atoms are very important for the properties of liquid He surface. The temperature dependence of surface tension of liquid He is strongly affected by these surface states.

PACS: 64.60.-i, 73.20.-r, 68.03.-g


Presented at Russian-Israeli Conference Frontiers in Condensed Matter Physics
Shoresh, Israel, 19-24 October 2003

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