Maale Shomron, 30 km (about 18.5 miles) east of Tel-Aviv, is a community settlement founded in 1980, based on the ideal that religious and non-religious families could and should live side-by-side in an athmosphere of mutual respect and tolerance.

Families and individuals who are accepted into the settlement usually live in our subsidized temporary housing while they choose a plot and build their house. 225 member families have built homes in the permanent settlement, nestled in a dense mountain forest, 350 meters above the coastal plain. Another 15-20 families are in the process of planning or building homes. The settlement is surrounded by a multitude of flora and fauna, and residents enjoy some the cleanest air and water in Israel, as well as breathtaking views stretching from Ashdod to Caesaria!

Each house is built on a plot of approximately 500 square meters of Government land, which has already been provided with the necessary infrastructure - water, telephone, electricity, sewage, and access. The settlement's master plan calls for a limit of 300 families.

Maale Shomron offers a synagogue, mikve, grocery store, day care, nursery school, fitness center and library. In addition, there is a clinic and a cultural center, where social, educational and cultural activities are conducted for residents of all ages. In addition, there are frequent communal activities, including holiday gatherings, and trips around the country.

Maale Shomron offers four light industrial buildings of 600 square meters each. Some of the current tenants include high-tech companies, a garage and repair shop, and offices.

If you are interested in visiting Maale Shomron, we will be happy to host you in our guest house or in the homes of our residents.

For further information or residence applications, please contact:
Maale Shomron
44852, Israel

Phone: (972)-9792-9233
Fax: (972)-9792-9121

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