Roman Wall

The first thing that attracts the attention of the visitors of the city, when approaching the city from the western gate, is the gate itself. It is a wide door supported by two circular towers. The diameter of each is 14 meters. These were built in the Herodion period. They were built on a square base dating to Hellenistic time. These towers are still standing at a height of 8-11m. The city wall that we see today was built around the end of the second or the beginning of the third century BC. It is irregular and supported by a number of circular towers. The wall is 1 km long from east to west and a little less from north to south. Only a small part of it is still standing; this is because a lot of the stones of the wall were reused in the construction of the Roman city of Nablus in first century AD.

(picture by Asya Entova)

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