Omap3 based systems                          Jan 27, 2012

Omap3530 is a dual core processor from TI with 600-MHz ARM Cortex™-A8 Core, and 430-MHz TMS320C64x+™ DSP Core.
Best-in-class video, image, and graphics processing with 2D/3D Graphics Accelerator
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We have designed and built the following 4 boards with the omap3530 chip:

1. 4 x 7cm small board intended for the camera-ip / automotive markets

2. Laptop based on omap3

3. 'Omap-Mod' Business card size module with LCD output

4. 'Omap-Panel' tablet like system, with touch screen and 7" LCD

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In addition we have experience writting Android applications on Omap4 (using the panda-board).



We offer custom hardware / software design.


For more information please contact:

Yuli,  +1 408 309 4506,
Magniel Inc.  1669-2 Hollenbeck av #211, Sunnyvale, CA 94087, USA.