Available for sale Jan-2010

Yuli Kaplunovsky,  +1 408 884 5965,
Magniel Inc.  1669-2 Hollenbeck av #211, Sunnyvale, CA 94087, USA.

About the size of a business card 67 x 44mm

A stand alone system with an option to use it as a piggyback.


On board connectors:

The edge connectors has the following signals:

This 'base-board' can be custom developed having the dimm-144 and few more connectors which you require. It can be a simple 2 sided PCB that can be developed manufactured and assembled in as little as 1 week.

In contrast to other 'module' manufacturers, It is NOT required to have this base-board; the 'Omap-Mod' has already plenty of connectors on board.


Physical illustration of a similar board - and a the "base-board" concept.



Offering for sale, or manufacture to customize hardware or software. Also we offer to design a base-board with additional options.



An actual photo of the first version of the board:

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