Historical and Archeological Sites

  • Samaria by BYU Jerusalem Center

  • Tel Shomron by Machon Helkat Hasadeh (Hebrew)

  • Sabastia by Fadi Hodali

  • Samaria by Daily Bible Study

  • Samaria by

  • Samaria by Mark McDonald

  • Samaria by Ellie Crystal's

  • Shomron by MAOF (Russian)

  • Samaria by Daily Bible Study

  • Samaria by

  • Samaria by Ellie Crystal

  • Samaria by Brigitte Deckert (German)

  • Samaria by Word Microsystems

  • Samaria by Robert C. Dunston
  • The Emperor Julianus trip to Sebastia by Eleni Tseligka

  • Herod: Sebastia by CET (Hebrew)

  • Sebastia and Jacob's Well by Sister Joan

  • Sabastiya in: Nablus District by Applied Research Institute - Jerusalem

    Samaria in the Bible

  • Samaria (Post-Modern Bible) by Tim Bulkeley

  • Main Biblical references: Samaria and Central Area by Christian Information Centre

  • Samaria in Divrei Torah by Shamash

  • Samaria in the Bible by

  • Samaria in the Bible by Associated Services

  • Samaria in the Bible by Navigating the Bible

  • Samaria by S. Vailhe (Catholic Encyclopedia)

  • Samaria: "Hot as an Oven" by Ronald L. Ecker

  • The Beheading of St. John the Baptist by The Catholic Community Forum

  • Justin Martyr by James E. Kiefer

    Sebastia National Park: Tourist's Information

  • Sebastia by Visit-Palestine
  • Sebastia by Asya Entova-Vovnoboy (Russian)

    Just Pictures

  • Tel Shomron by Mahon Helkat Hasade
  • Sebastia by Palestinian Association for Cultural Exchange (PACE)
  • Mikva in Sebastia by Asya Entova-Vovnoboy
  • Samaria by Korea Computer Mission

    Shomron Archaeological Map

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