For sale, Mi-2 helicopter - Blue & White N116GC                      Jan-27-2016

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Located in California bay area, Salinas airport. Has valid experimental registration and current airworthiness.

Technical information:

Mi-2 manufactured by PZL Swidnik in Poland, based on Russian Mil technology.
Tail number: N116GC Body: #544448105
Manufactured in 1975 Total time: 2404 hours
Time since factory overhaul of aircraft: 257 hours (last overhaul made 1987)
Left Engine: #481671191  Hours since overhaul: 320 hours
Right Engine: #481651043 Hours since overhaul: 497 hours
Main blades: #1 130 hours, #2 62hours, blade #3 57 hours.
Tail rotor: 180 hours
Reductor (gearbox) TT 1753, TSOH 254
Current annual condition inspection valid until 9/19/2006
Radios are not working, and no transponder. I use hand-held radio when I fly.

Right now it is NON Flyable condition. Last time I flew was August-4-2010 and then one of the engines got damaged. I have ordered and received another engine on December-2015, and end of March/2016 a mechanic will be coming from Poland to install it and do maintenance.

Tel: (408) 309 4506    Yuli

Price: $79,900 FIRM!!! (please no low balling)  Sale price is for a FLYABLE condition, and if you have a helicopter license, I'm willing to fly with you few hours to teach you how to fly it.

**** If you decide to buy BOTH of my helicopters, I'll discount the price by $20,000.  ****


Have a lot of spare parts, and you will receive them too.
Parts are widely available all over the world, at prices well below of equivalent Bell or other helicopters. Parts are mostly available from the secondary market.

One small note - because of too many people who came just for a fun ride claiming they are potential buyers - I ask to reimburse me the cost of fuel, and ask a deposit of $50,000 in an escrow acount, which will be either part of the purchase price, or will be returned if you decide not to buy.


Some general information about Mi-2

The Mi-2 powered by two turbine engines was the first Mi-2 helicopter manufactured in 1965. Until the end of the 1980s they sold over 5500 helicopters. The PZL-Kania helicopter is derived from the Mi-2 helicopter and made in Poland. The test flight of its prototype was performed on June 6th, 1979.The standard passenger version of Mi-2 helicopter has seating for 1 pilot and 8 passengers. The interior can be quickly converted for transport of 700kg of cargo. The range of the helicopter with external tanks, as standard, is 580km. This version is designed for transporting 2-4 casualties on stretchers and seating for medical attendants. It is equipped with stretchers, intensive care medical devices necessary during flight & other first aid equipment. Internal cargo carrier of loads up to 700kg (1544lb), or as a flying crane with cargo sling for loads up to 800kg (1764lb). The helicopter is equipped in standard with a set of load tiedown rings, load securing ropes and nets, protecting the load from movement during flight. Electric hoists can be installed for lifting loads of up to 120kg.

The Mi-2 found widespread fields of activity both with military, state and commercial operators. Besides transport of freight and passengers, the Mi-2 has also found work as ambulance, police and Search-and-Rescue helicopter. Although demand for its services has declined since the break-up of the USSR - especially in the agricultural sector - many Mi-2 still remain in service all around the CIS and in many of its former satellite states.

8 passenger utility helicopter

Rotor diameter: 14.56 m
Length: 12 m
Height: 3.75 m
Disc area: 160 m2

Weights: empty: 2370 kgs, Max: 3700 Kgs, slung load: 800 kgs.

Engine: 2 Isotov GTD-350 of 431 shp

Speed: Max: 210 km/h
Range: 340 km
Service Ceiling: 4000 m



Main rotor diameter 14.56 m
Length of fuselage 11.94 m
Length overall rotors turning 17.42 m
Tail rotor diameter 2.70 m
Wheel base 2.71 m
Wheel track 3.05 m
Basic helicopter empty weight 2410 kg
Max. takeoff weight 3550 kg
Standard fuel capacity 600 l
Max. fuel (with aux. tanks) 1076 l
Max. internal (cabin) load 700 kg
Sling load (limited) 800 kg

                Performance and basic operational data  
                                    H=500m, ISA

Max. level speed 210 km/h
Max. cruise speed 190 km/h
Max. rate of climb, MTOW 3,5 m/sek
Range, max. fuel, 30 min. reserve 580 km
Hover ceiling, OGE, T-O power 900 m
Hover ceiling, IGE, T-O power 1600 m
Service ceiling (limited) 4000 m
Fuel consumption (mean) 280 l/h
Endurance standard fuel (100 l reserve) 1h 56 min
Endurance aux. fuel tanks, (100 l reserve) 3h 52 min

(Taken from manufacturer web site:


Operating manuals in English in PDF format (65MB) are at:
Flight manual:
Engine maintenance manual:
Body maintenance manual:
Equipment maintenance manual:

FAA experimental operating limitations: 

Copy of the US Log books: 


FAA regulation about the required license to fly experimental helicopter
Sec. 61.31 Type rating requirements, additional training, and authorization requirements.
(k) Exceptions.
    (1) This section does not require a category and class rating for aircraft not type certificated as airplanes, rotorcraft, gliders, lighter-than-air aircraft, powered-lifts, powered parachutes, or weight-shift-    control aircraft.
(2) The rating limitations of this section do not apply to--
        (i) An applicant when taking a practical test given by an examiner;
        (ii) The holder of a student pilot certificate; --
        (iii) The holder of a pilot certificate when operating an aircraft under the authority of--
            (A) A provisional type certificate; or
            (B) An experimental certificate, unless the operation involves carrying a passenger;
        (iv) The holder of a pilot certificate with a lighter-than-air category rating when operating a balloon;
        (v) The holder of a recreational pilot certificate operating under the provisions of Sec. 61.101(h); or
        (vi) The holder of a sport pilot certificate when operating a light-sport aircraft.

My interpretation:
    not type certificated
= experimental
does not require a category and class = no need legally special endorsement
holder of a pilot certificate = Any pilot license, even a fixed wing license.
    Which means that legally it is allowed to fly experimental helicopter even without helicopter license, a fixed wing license is enough. I am not a lawyer, do not rely on my opinion, research the regulations yourself.





Taken on 1/3/2006 - flying the blue & white helicopter





















Flying in rain 3/27/2006